The latest logistics construction project, Park Boom Distribution Centre 2 (DC2), is a testament to the company’s commitment to building with attention to people and nature. Boom DC2, a built-to-suit facility, contributes positively to a sustainable logistics chain in Belgium and a good living environment for local residents and wildlife.

Ten thousand solar panels will be installed on the building, producing 5.1 MWp. As a result, the new DC will be energy positive: more energy will be produced and fed back into the grid than will be consumed. The use of heat pumps, energy-efficient LED lighting and insulating triple-glazed windows also contribute to this.

With these solutions, Prologis aims for a "very good" score in the BREEAM certification upon completion of the project in the summer of 2023. BREEAM measures sustainable value in a number of categories, from energy to ecology. Each category assessed receives an evaluation on a range of parameters such as design impact and carbon emissions, design sustainability and resilience, climate change adaptation, and ecological value plus biodiversity protection.

"Prologis not only considers the challenge of sustainable construction per se, but also strives to be a good neighbor. Considering the comments of local residents and nature associations, during the second phase of construction, we took action to keep biodiversity and the living environment as green as possible," confirms Frederik Mertens, Director Capital Deployment & Leasing Benelux.

Some of the main modifications Prologis undertook to integrate the building into its surroundings as much as possible include:

  • The construction of a moat around the DC that serves as a natural water buffer and prevents flooding when heavy rainfall occurs in a short period of time; the water buffer has a capacity of 3,187,720 liters;
  • A garden designed with an ecologist that grows native and local plants appropriate to the environment;
  • The installation of bee and insect hotels in the garden which contribute positively to the ecological system of the area;
  • The transportation of the natterjack toad, which lives in the area, to a new home of 22,630 m2 where it can live in peace and quiet; a total of 850 toads were relocated to the new habitat; and
  • The planting of 90 new trees, in addition to those previously planted, which contribute to good air quality, reduce noise pollution and provide a pleasant view.
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