Pieter Pot, the Rotterdam scale-up known for their sustainable grocery delivery in reusable glass pots, has the ambition to reduce waste. Every day we throw away seven plastic containers per person, this accounts for 20% of the national waste stream. By delivering groceries in reusable glass pots, Pieter Pot aims to speed up the circular transition and change the complete retail system. To facilitate their growth ambition the online retailer has signed a long-term lease agreement for an 8.721 square meter warehouse at Prologis Park Botlek DC1. This warehouse, which is part of a larger 35.000 square meter facility, offers great connectivity with close proximity to various important motorways and terminals, and has a BREEAM Very Good certificate.

Prologis Park Botlek DC1

Growing sustainably

Pieter Pot is a Dutch online retailer who delivers groceries packed in glass pots to consumers throughout the Benelux, wherever they live. And empty pots are picked up again for reuse purposes. They aim to show that circular, plastic free living is possible by proving that sustainable is sexy and convenient. Through buying bulk products and distributing those in reusable glass jars, they are able to reuse the packaging at least 40 times. With the long-term lease agreement at the Prologis Park Botlek DC1, Pieter Pot can continue to grow and expand their circular influence on the retail system. Jouri Schoemaker, CEO and founder of Pieter Pot: “Due to the great interest in our services we were looking for ways to expand our business. We are very excited to partner with Prologis because we not only see a match with our sustainable mission, but it also enables us to provide our customers with convenient, flexible, and sustainable solutions. Therefore, we’re looking forward to growing with Prologis.”

Prologis Park Botlek DC1

Since the Prologis Park Botlek DC1 will be Pieter Pot’s main distribution center, they need space to import and sort bulk products, fill the glass pots, distribute them to hubs and clean the returned pots. The ready to use 8.721 square meter facility enjoys a span of 45 meters and is column free. This creates maximum flexibility for Pieter Pot to arrange the space according to their needs. Furthermore, Prologis Park Botlek is located directly next to the A15 motorway (Rotterdam-Nijmegen), one of the most important transport arteries in the Netherlands. Additionally, various terminals are in the immediate vicinity with direct routes to the Maasvlakte, Moerdijk, Venlo and Born, as well as various rail terminals. Lastly, Botlek DC1 is fully equipped with LED lights including motion detection, and has wall and roof insulation, contributing to its BREEAM Very Good certificate. Marijn van den Heuvel, Capital Deployment & Leasing Director Benelux adds: “Helping businesses like Pieter Pot to grow and realize their circular ambitions through a sustainable long-term lease agreement is exactly what makes our work great. We are thrilled to be part of Pieter Pot’s growth ambitions.”

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