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Beyond these offerings, we build sustainability into the design of Prologis buildings—recognizing the impact our buildings will have on communities for years to come.

Smart Lighting

Prologis LightSmart offers energy efficiency, convenience and added security. Working with your logistics team, the LightSmart program helps upgrade your current fixtures to high-efficiency, low-energy LED lighting without the hassle of purchasing new lighting. Prologis manages the design, development and implementation of the LightSmart upgrade for you—and covers all associated replacement costs. There’s no capital investment on your part required, and you benefit from reduced operating and maintenance costs, better lighting quality and reduced carbon emissions.

Prologis SolarSmart

With more than 300 megawatts of solar installed on our rooftops, Prologis is a global leader in building solar-generating capacity. We make solar simple. The Prologis SolarSmart program allows you save on electric bills and implement solar with no out-of-pocket costs or commitments beyond your lease term. Pay only for the energy you use, at or below cost from the local utility, and we build and maintain the system for you. Depending on your market, you can apply renewable energy credits to offset your conventional energy use. Get the operational and financial benefits without upfront capital costs or long-term financial commitments.

Energy Storage/Resale

Energy Distribution and Resilience: Depending on your needs, your markets, and your footprint, our Energy Distribution and Resilience services can drive cost-effective energy solutions while increasing resiliency through storage and other solutions. It’s another part of our approach to sustainable development.

Smart Metering

Through smart metering, your logistics facility benefits from the smart control of utilities for greater energy efficiency, another example of our unrelenting focus on technology advancements. Working with our partner Redaptive, a leader in efficiency-as-a-service, we’re providing sensor-controlled smart meters and ongoing program support to meet the needs of your warehouse/distribution center. Our online system of smart metering now includes a mobile app—available at some properties—that allows you to remotely read all utility meters in your facilities. Benefits include better management of utility consumption and analysis of facility operations, access to utility financial data and, with additional modules, the ability to control temperature, humidity and pressure levels.


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