Markt Antwerpen

Antwerp–Brussels, Key Logistics Corridor in Belgium

Antwerp is one of Belgium’s leading economic engines, and its port is a major hub for the shipment of dry goods, cargo, chemicals and petroleum products. It is the second-largest cargo port in Europe and one of the most important logistics and distribution centers in the world. As a result, the Antwerp–Brussels corridor is a key section of European route E19, which stretches between Amsterdam and Paris.

Markt Luik

Antwerp–Liège, Inland Intermodal Logistics Corridor in Belgium

Liège, a historic university town in Belgium, occupies a central role in the 21st century European economy. With a highly educated population, Liège is home to significant biotechnology and information technology companies. It is connected to Antwerp by European route E313 and the Albert Canal. This corridor is a key logistics hot spot in Belgium.


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